Your feet have lead you to First Chance!

First Chance was created to offer orphans a “first chance” at a life that most of us have grown to expect. We live America – still a land of plenty, where shelter, food, education and at least one parent are taken for granted. In Kenya, where there are a multitude of orphans due to AIDS, children lack these basic necessities for a successful life.

First Chance’s first project is a child rescue and advocacy center in Kisumu, Kenya. Africa Child Rescue and Advocacy Foundation is a longtime dream of Jack Mila, a Kenyan pastor and friend who works with orphans on a daily basis. He wishes to start the Center to rescue those orphans that are in abusive “home” situations.

Please watch Jack’s video and take a virtual tour of the Rescue Center on YouTube by clicking on this link- Center

To read a transcript of the video, as it is difficult to hear at times, click here:
video transcript.